Spiritual point

Soraya Abidin

Asian Silks, Peranakan and miniature glass beads and metallic thread

880mm x 880mm

multi - bright

Spiritual Point is a realisation of the mythological Islamic icon, Mount Qaf. A destination regarded as the farthest spiritual point on earth.

This work sites a transformation of spirituality in my art making. In homage to Sufi poet Attar, his writings of a faith that reaches beyond the ordinary and the mythical. Thousands of stitches I patiently sew miniature glass beads to the radiating layers of appliqued birds, encircling the 7 silk valleys. The beading only materialising in a certain light, in reference to the unseen nature of human intention and the journey of faith when reaching for the spiritual point.

$1,980.00 ( Inc GST )