My heart is Arab - No.1

Fatima Killeen

Silk screen, paper, lace, acrylic, wood

300mm x 400mm


My heart is Arab is inspired from Islamic art with its Arabic culture and Andalusian heritage while looking at the Moorish encounter in Europe. The work is a celebration of beauty and aspects of generosity.

I have always used motifs inspired from my Islamic heritage to be an emotive to show the vibrant culture of the Arab Moorish civilisation that once thrived in Western Europe and eventually waned, thus creating in Andalusia some of the most pronounced examples of Islamic architecture in the world. This work pays homage to the Cordoba mosque as a sacred place of divine beauty and peace. The artwork is submerged in textures of terracotta in reference to the Australian landscape in which we all share.

Shipping within Australia - included                                                                            Overseas shipping - contact artist for quotation prior to payment 

$440.00 ( Inc GST )