Morning Coffee, 2021

Nasyeetha Mohd Ismail

Digital illustration

297mm x 420mm


"Mornings are incomplete without a hot cup of coffee. The first sip eases you in, either preparing for a busy day ahead or to relax, soak in your surroundings and enjoy your own company while watching the world turn."

Nasyeetha is a Melbourne-based entrepreneur who runs her own personal brand (est. 2018), whilst taking on freelance work and creating custom artworks.

Outside of the business world, she has a passion for making change and helping the community. She dedicates her spare time and creative art skills to The Sisterhood Empowerment Campaign Inc. - a non-profit organisation for women - as the Secretary and Creative Director.

She's always had a love for art, especially drawing but found her skills in graphic design and was introduced to digital art in university. By breaking down objects into their main components of shapes and lines, she is able to create artworks in a 'flat design' style and adds effects to achieve depth and emotion.

Her art mainly focuses on landscapes and sceneries as a way to remind her audience the beauty of this world and the blessings Allah SWT has provided.

Nasyeetha's artworks have been featured in Podium Magazine (10th Edition), 'After Dawn' Exhibition at Albert St Art Gallery and 'Journeying through the Soul' Exhibition at the Islamic Museum of Australia.

$143.00 ( Inc GST )