'ihsan (Excellence in Faith), 2018

Mirela Cufurovic

Watercolour on 100% cotton, hot press Windsor and Newton 300gsm watercolour paper

297mm x 420mm


ʾIhsān is a watercolour painting depicting a man reading the Quran with sincerity and utter devotion – a symbol of peace and excellence in faith. The artwork was inspired by the devotion Muslim pilgrims display every year when undertaking pilgrimage. The artwork evokes feelings of serenity and admiration; the way the man is hunched over the Quran, his shoes flippantly left aside as if in a hurry, invites the viewer to ponder about his need to engross himself with words of wisdom. What is it about the message of faith that makes us yearn for it? This watercolour painting will definitely be a conversation starter!

$935.00 ( Inc GST )